ISO 18436 Category II – Intermediate Vibration Analyst

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The ISO Category II Vibration Analyst “Intermediate” course is intended for personnel who have at least twelve months vibration analysis experience and a basic understanding of vibration theory and terminology. The course provides an in-depth study of machinery faults and their associated spectrum, time waveform and phase characteristics. Category II certification requires that you have demonstrated 18 months experience in vibration analysis, completed the Category II course and successfully pass the Category II vibration analyst examination, however Category I is not a prerequisite to become certified as a Category II vibration analysts.

35 hours
  • Engineers analyzing a range of fault conditions
  • Engineers who want to understand balancing and alignment
  • Engineers desiring to learn about machinery vibration diagnostic
  • Personnel who want to become certified to international standards (ISO-18436)
  • Prepare the participant for the ISO 18436 category II certification test
  • Learn how to be capable of diagnosing a wide range of faults, conducting special tests, and performing precision aligning and balancing machinery
Required Prerequisites:

  • None

Additional Requirements:
Eighteen (18) months of practical vibration analysis work experience, verified by an independent person

Day 1

  • Review of maintenance practices & condition monitoring technologies
  • Principles of vibration
  • Data acquisition

Day 2

  • Proximity probes, velocity sensors and accelerometers
  • Signal processing

Day 3

  • Vibration analysis
  • Fault analysis

Day 4

  • Equipment testing & diagnostics
  • Corrective actions

Day 5

  • Running a successful condition monitoring program
  • Acceptance testing
  • Review of ISO standards
  • Mobius Exam (100 multiple-choice questions in 3

The exam and the associated certification is provided by Mobius. Baker Hughes can provide a proctored environment for the paper or online exam.

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